Mark Chan - Blue Guitar

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Mark Chan - Blue Guitar

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'Blue Guitar' is Mark Chan’s eight studio album and his first in 18 years.

Self-written and executively produced by Mark himself, Blue Guitar consists of a combination of old and new – tracks previously released as well as brand new material. In addition, it sees him reunite with old friends George Leong, Billy Koh and Jeremy Monteiro, who helped not only coproduce various tracks on the album, but were also instrumental in convincing him to return to songwriting and singing after a painful personal ordeal.

"It is his first new album in almost two decades to feature contemporary pop songs, a marked departure from the esoteric, East-meets-West blend found in his work for the theatre and arts. 
Inspired by classic pop works by artists such as Carole King and Dusty Springfield, a lot of Chan's singing on the disc was from the first few takes in the studio."   

- Eddino Abdul Hadi, Music Correspondent,  Straits Times (10 Oct 2016)

Track Listing:
1. Blue Guitar
2. Playing It Too Cool
3. Stay
4. It's All Right
5. Send Me A Wind
6. Tell Me What To Do
7. A Leap In The Dark
8. Return
9. Heart Forever Breaking - Instrumental