MICappella's Album Launch Press Conference & Listening Party

Since their debut album <Here We Go> released three years ago, local vocal band MICappella have never stopped making waves in the music scene with their consistent release of creative mashup cover videos. With a change of the band’s lineup, MICappella took a full three years to finally release their sophomore album <MICappella Reloaded>.

Compared to their debut album, the new album comprises of almost all original songs written by all members of the band, demonstrating that they are more than just a cover band. <MICappella Reloaded> signifies the band’s brand new identity as singer-songwriters as they embarked on a new journey with two new members, Kexin (soprano) and Mingwei (bass).

The album launch press conference was held on 26th May at Avalon Singapore, where the skyline of the city can be seen as the one on the album cover.  The band shared the process and their thoughts of finally able to pen their original songs that represent who they are, and share their stories and messages to the world. MICappella showcased two songs, namely their first hit single 'One of These Days' and their second hit single 'Love'. These two contrasting songs demonstrated the band’s perfect harmonies and abilities to control their individual vocals in both an upbeat song and a slow tune.

The highlight of the press conference is the official announcement of the signing of MICappella to Universal Music Group worldwide. The band were joined on stage by Mr Kenny Ong, Managing Director of Universal Music Singapore and Malaysia, to declare the official signing. With a new recording contract from a major label, MICappella is set on a fresh direction and creative in their music, and is determined to deliver more content to new audience in different countries around the world.

In the evening, MICappella held the album launch listening party at the very same venue. The venue was packed with fans, and friends and family members of MICappella who came down to lend their support to the band’s sophomore album launch.
MICappella’s brand new original album <MICappella Reloaded> is available at all CD-RAMA stores and digital platforms!

Alfred Sim EP Launch Party 2016


Since  winning  2014  Project  Superstar,  Alfred  Sim  has  finally  released  his  debut  self-titled  EP  on  14  January  2016!  
The  EP  launch  press  conference,  organized  by  record  label  and  artiste  management  company  Cross   Ratio   Entertainment,   was   held  on 14th January 2016 at   SWITCH   by   Timbre.  

Other  than  sharing  the  process  of  making  the  EP  and  his  feelings  of  finally  being  able  to  release  his  own  song,  Alfred  Sim  also showcased  2  songs,  namely  <Lover>  and <Glimmer>. Another  highlight  of  the  press  conference  was  the  exclusive  premier  of  his  hit  single  <Make  a  phone  call>.  This music  video  has  taken weeks  of  conceptualisation  and  preparation,  and  15  hours  of  filming,  before  it  is  finally  produced. The  two  MV  directors,  Jaex  and  Brian, were  also  invited   on   stage   by   host, Jiafa,   to   share   the   challenges   in   making   the   music video and their inspiration.

In the  evening,  Cross  Ratio  Entertainment  has  also  organised  an  album  launch  Listening  Party  at   the   very   same   venue.   Other   than the fans   who   have   come   to   support   the   singer, many  celebrities,   such   as   Ian   Fang,   Pierre   Png,   Sora   Ma,   You   Yi,  Bonnie   Loo,  Ah  Boys to   Man's Wei  Liang,   MICappella   and   many   more,   were   also   present   to   give   their   support   to   Alfred   Sim’s  debut  launch.

At   the   listening   party,   Alfred   Sim   serenaded   the   audience   with   his  new   songs,   <Lover>,   <My  Friend>,  <Glimmer>  and  <Yi  Ai  Wei Hao>  from  the  album.  The  accompanying  live  band  is  also  made  up  of  “superstar’  players,  including  guitarist  Daniel  Chai  who  plays  for Stefanie  Sun,  and  also  bassist  Shaun  Seow  who  tours  with  JJ  Lin and  Wang  Lee  Hom.  This  power  band,  together  with  Alfred’s  strong vocals,  brought  the  overall  live  performance  to  a  even  greater  height.

Many   celebrity   friends   have   also   specially   recorded   a   congratulatory   video   for   Alfred   Sim, which  was  played  at  the  start  of  the Listening  Party,  before  the  screening  of  the  <Make  a  phone  call>  music  video.
The  other  highlight  of  the  show  was  the  special  surprise  performance  by  the  singer   himself.   In   order   to   show   his   appreciation   to   all his   fans   and   friends  who   have  supported  him,  Alfred  Sim  took  up  drumming  lessons  recently.  In  the  second  half  of  the  song  - <My Friend>,   the   singer   took   over   the   drummer’s   seat,   and   performed   a   drum   solo  segment  before   ending   the   song.  

The   audience   was   in   praise   of   this   special  performance   as   many   are  unaware  that  Alfred  can  play  the  drums!
The   night   ended   perfectly   with   singer and wife   Tay   Kewei   joining   him   on   stage   to   perform  their  wedding  duet  <Yi  Ai  Wei  Hao>. Alfred   Sim   Debut   Self   Titled   EP   is   now   available   at   all   CD RAMA   stores   and   all   good   record  stores.  

Fans  can  also  catch  the  music  video  of  Alfred  Sim’s  latest  hit  single  <Make  a  phone  call>  on  Alfred  Sim’s  Official  Facebook

Wallace Ang's Press Conference / Album Launch

Love  97.2FM  radio presenter  Wallace  Ang’s  passion  for  music did not  stop  just  there.  7  years since  he  released  his debut  album  ‘Roles’,  Wallace’s undying love   for   music led   him   to   take   up   the   role   of   a   singer-songwriter   once   again,   and  release  his  brand  new  self titled  album,  consisting  8  of  his  originals.  

The  press  conference  and album  launch, organised  by  CROSS  RATIO  Entertainment, was   held   on   29   October   2015
at  The Laneway  Market, a cozy   café   located   in   a laneway  off  the  busy  Tanjong  Katong  Road.
Other  than  media  and  celebrity  friends,  Wallace   has   also   invited   10   lucky   fans   to   join   him   on   this   joyous   occasion.  

Fellow radio  presenter  and  good  friend,  Chen  Biyu,  has  also  come  onboard  to  host  the  event.  Other  than  sharing  his  inspiration  and  production  process,  Wallace  also  showcased 2  songs  from  the  album,  namely  his  first  single  《过渡期》and  second  single  《怎么安慰》.  The  other  highlight  of  the  album  launch  was  the  birthday  surprise  planned by   MediaCorp   artiste   You   Yi   (whom   is   also   a   good   friend   of   Wallace)   to   celebrate  Wallace’s  birthday.

WALLACE   ANG   Brand   New Self Titled   Album   is   now   on   sale   at   CD RAMA   and   all  good   record   stores.  The first single  《过渡期》is available   on   iTunes   for  download. Full  album  is also available on iTunes for download now!

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