Mandy Ke is a 23-year-old aspiring singer-songwriter who is passionate about moving the world with her music. A graduate from Temasek Polytechnic’s Digital Film and Television, Mandy is equally motivated to share her stories through the songs she composes.

Citing fellow local singer-songwriter Tanya Chua as one of her key music influences, Mandy strives to write songs that can relate to everyone and at the same time, translates her own thoughts into appealing and memorable tunes.

While she only started composing at the age of eighteen, Mandy has never stopped experimenting since then. Last year, she had the opportunity to work with local renowned vocal band, MICappella, where she penned the lyrics for two of their songs in the band’s latest album <MICappella Reloaded>.

In 2016, Mandy participated in LEVEL UP! 2016, a nation-wide talent search program. Her raw vocal recording of her original songs caught the attention of the panelists, and she was selected as one of the top 10 participants amongst the hundreds of online applications. The selected participants were given the opportunity to release a single and a music video.

Before even releasing her debut single, Mandy’s talent was discovered by local record label and artiste management company, Cross Ratio Entertainment, where she was signed under the label and will officially begin her music career since.

Prior to her debut release, Mandy has also uploaded her first cover video <Tai Yang> , a Chinese version of Jessie J’s Flashlight, where she re-arranged and penned the chinese lyrics herself.

Her debut single ‘So Wrong’ released in November 2016, hit no.2 on the Malaysia Mandopop iTunes chart on its day of release.

Career Highlights:

'We Are Singer-songwriters" - Esplanade presents Huayi- Chinese Festival of Arts

Singapore Originals XXL (新创XXL) - Switch by Timbre