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ShiGGa Shay - ShiGGa Shay

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Singapore rapper ShiGGa Shay drops his self-titled full-length on 9 August 2015. This is an accumulation of his music journey for the past 3 years, showcasing uptempo Hip-Hop bangers to soulful beats and ballads. Still perfecting his craft as a wordsmith, ShiGGa Shay’s lyrical themes range from personal tribulations to comic observations in life on this album. 

Besides the 2 singles ‘Lion City Kia (Kid in Hokkien dialect)’ and ‘Wussapa’, the album features collaborations with indie folk singer Gentle Bones, pop group The Sam Willows’ Benjamin Kheng and fellow Grizzle Grind Crew members Tosh Rock and Wang Weiliang. In fact, ‘Siala’ features Weiliang’s debut in rapping as well.

Track List:
1. Never Learn
2. Lion City Kia (ft. LINEATH & Akeem)
3. Siala (ft. Wang Weiliang)
4. Lonely
5. Wussapa
6. Red & Blue (ft. Benjamin Kheng)
7. Afraid to Love (ft. Gentle Bones)
8. Ang Mo Pai (ft. Tosh Rock)
9. Brothers Forever 兄弟 (ft. Wang Weiliang)
11. Mama Don't Cry
12. LIMPEH (ft. Tosh Rock) [live at #2ndGGC]
13. Lion City Kia (ft. LINEATH) [live at #2ndGGC] - CD bonus track
14. Tapau [from the '3688' movie OST]
15. LimPeh (ft. Tosh Rock & Wang Weiliang)