Flying Syrup - Spirit Of 8

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Flying Syrup - Spirit of 8.jpeg

Flying Syrup - Spirit Of 8

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Flying Syrup is a British Rock inspired band, based primarily in Singapore. 

Formed in 2003, the band originally specialised in covering mainstream and indie rock bands. Deriving inspiration from acts such as Franz Ferdinand and Paul McCartney, frontman Bruce Nicholas quickly took to penning original content for the band. In 2013, the band released its self-titled debut album. The band held two launches, one at Home Club, and the other at Timbre. Since then, the band has continued to perform at various locations throughout Singapore.

Armed with new originals, the band has released singles “You Said” as well as “Principles” with accompanying music videos.

Track Listing:
1. You Said
2. Principles
3. Find Your Way
4. Killing The Angel